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An Anthology of Civil War Tales, from 1850 to 1961 Untold and Long-Forgotten Stories of New Jerseyans and How They Coped With the American Civil War and Its Memory, Including Accounts of New Jersey Civil War Political Myths, Jewish Jerseymen in the Ranks, A Confederate General From Elizabeth, Holding the Line at Gettysburg, Wartime Base Ball, the Hoboken Bounty-Jumper Sting, the “Great Reunion” at Deckertown, Strange Tales of War Monuments, a National Cemetery Full of Confederates, the Centennial Commission’s Principled Stand Against Racism, and Much More…
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New Jersey’s Civil War Odyssey
New Jersey’s Civil War Odyssey Reviews
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It   is   a   tour   de   force   in   providing   readers   with   wonderful   stories   and   anecdotes   of   how   the   Civil war   affected   the   Garden   State   and   its   residents,   and   vice   versa.   New   Jersey’s   Civil   War Odyssey   is   chock   full   of   vignettes   that   demonstrate   once   again   the   rich   tradition   New   Jersey played   in   our   nation’s   history.   All   citizens   of   the   united   states   will   benefit   from   reading   this book.    With    Stories    ranging    from    Abraham    Lincoln,    to    the    New    Jersey    Troops    at Gettysburg,   to   veteran   reminiscences,   to   baseball,   there   is   something   for   everyone here. It is well researched and well written.   Jay Jorgensen Author, historian & tour guide
A   rich   potpourri   of   articles   and   stories   about   New   Jersey   in   the   Civil   War   --   soldiers   at   the   battle   front, nurses   at   army   hospitals,   factories   at   home   producing   war   material,   political   leaders,   reunions   and commemorations   after   the   war,   and   much,   much   more.   Especially   notable   is   the   attention   paid   to Jersey   African   Americans   in   the   war.   The   authors   explode   a   number   of   myths   about   Jerseyans   and the war, and offer little known facts. James M. McPherson Pulitzer Prize Author, Professor Emeritus of US History, Princeton University
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New Jersey’s Civil War Odyssey Published by the NJ Civil War 150 Committee of NJCWHA
 Civil War 150 Committee
The   New   Jersey   Civil   War   Sesquicentennial   Committee’s   third   publication,   New   Jersey's   Civil War   Odyssey:   An   Anthology   of   Civil   War   Tales   from   1860   to   1961.   Part   of   a   projected   series   of books   detailing   the   state's   role   in   the   greatest   national   crisis   in   American   history,   New   Jersey's Civil   War   Odyssey,   edited   by   Joseph   G.   Bilby,   is   a   collection   of   essays   relating   untold   and   long forgotten   tales   of   New   Jerseyans   and   how   they   coped   with   the   Civil   War   and   its   memory,   from 1861   to   1961.      This   book   also   includes   three   unique   original   poems   by   New   Jersey   teacher   and poet   Scott   Summers.      New   Jersey's   Civil   War   Odyssey   is   an   excellent   and   accessible   source   of information   on   the   state's   role   in   the   Civil   War   for   the   interested   public   as   well   as   teachers, journalists and local historians. The   book's   stories   include   a   thorough   debunking   of   persistent   myths   about   New   Jersey's   role   in the   conflict   as   well   as   accounts   of   the   state's   considerable   manufacturing   contribution   to   the   war effort,   Jewish   Jerseymen   in   the   ranks   of   the   Union   army,   the   army   hospital   at   Beverly,   Jersey baseball   in   the   army,   and   the   strange   tales   of   a   Confederate   general   from   Elizabeth   and   a bizarre   "bounty   jumper"   sting,   which   resulted   in   a   debt   the   federal   government   still   owes   to Jersey City. Combat    narratives    include    the    11th    New    Jersey    Infantry's    dramatic    fighting    retreat    at Gettysburg   on   July   2,   1863   and   the   role   of   New   Jersey's   two   "Zouave"   regiments,   dressed   in French   North   African   style   uniforms,   in   General   Sherman's   Atlanta   campaign   and   "March   to   the Sea,"   as   well   as   the   history   of   the   22nd   United   States   Colored   Infantry,   an   African-American unit composed almost entirely of New Jerseyans who recorded a stellar battle record. Essays   on   the   state's   post-conflict   Civil   War   heritage   include   accounts   of   Judson   Kilpatrick's   10,000   beer-barrel-fueled   1878 "Great   Reunion"   and   battle   reenactment   at   Deckertown,   unusual   tales   of   war   monuments   around   the   state   and   beyond,   a   national cemetery   full   of   Confederates   in   Salem   County,   the   New   Jersey   Civil   War   Centennial   Commission's   ground   breaking   and principled stand against racism, and much more…
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Scenes   from   General   Judson   Kilpatrick’s   reenactment   at his   Sussex   County   Farm   with   Civil   War   Veterans   and   NJ National Guard Troops in August 25-28, 1878
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