Camp of the 4th New Jersey Regt, Harpers Weekly June 29, 1861
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New Jersey State Archives 225 West State Street Trenton, NJ 08608-1001   The   New   Jersey   State   Archives   houses   an   extensive   collection   of   wartime and   post-war   records   relating   to   the   state's   volunteer   regiments.   The   State Archives   holds   almost   380   cubic   feet   of   Civil   War-related   records   created or    collected    by    the    offices    of    the    Adjutant    General,    Treasurer,    and Secretary of State. Civil War Flag Collection of NJ New Jersey Department of State State Museum of New Jersey New Jersey Department of State Building Galleries 225 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey (corner of Calhoun  and State Streets) Visiting   Hours:   Open   to   the   public   Monday   through   Friday   9:00   am   -   5:00   pm   except   on   state holidays. Admission Free The   New   Jersey   State   House   Flag   Collection   consists   of   191   flags,   132   of   which   are   from   the Civil   War   era.   In   October   2000,   the   Civil   War   flags   stable   enough   for   display   were   moved   to   their present   location   in   the   Department   of   State   Building.      Five   are   shown   at   one   time,   and   flags   are periodically   rotated   on   display.      The   exhibit   is   enhanced   with   illustrated   narrative   on   the   role   of New Jersey and its citizens in the Civil War, as well as some artifacts of the era. National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey at Sea Girt New Jersey Division of Military and Veteran Affairs Sea Girt National Guard Training Center Sea Girt Avenue and Camp Drive Sea Girt, New Jersey Visiting   Hours:   Open   to   the   public   on   the   following   schedule:   Winter:   October   1   --   April   30:   Tuesday,   Wednesday, Thursday,   and   first   and   third   weekends   10:00   am   –   3:00   pm.      Summer   :   May   1   –   September   30:   Monday   through Friday,   and   first   and   third   weekends,   10:00   am   –   3:00   pm.      For   further   information, including   guided   tours,   call   732-974-5966,   Museum   store   on   premises,   Admission Free The   National   Guard   Militia   Museum   of   New   Jersey   presents   the   role   of   the   New Jersey   Militia   and   National   Guard   within   the   context   of   the   larger   history   of   the state,   using   original   and   reproduction   uniforms,   weapons,   photographs,   artifacts and   art   from   the   period   of   Dutch,   Swedish   and   British   colonization   through   the   War for   Independence,   Civil   War   and   World   Wars   I   and   II   to   the   present   day,   paying particular   attention   to   the   diversity   of   the   New   Jersey   citizen   soldier   and   his   or   her experience. The   museum’s   Civil   War   exhibit,   has   expand   for   the   150th   anniversary,   and   now   includes   a   “Visualizing   History:   A New   Jersey   Civil   War   Camp”   as   well   as   artifacts   and   weapons   used   by   New   Jersey   soldiers   of   the   era,   enhanced   by the   New   Jersey   related   artwork   of   renowned   Civil   War   artist   Don   Troiani   and   explanatory narrative   on   the   role   of   New   Jerseyans   in   the   war.      A   highlight   of   the   museum’s   collection is   the   “Intelligent   Whale,”   a   Civil   War   submarine   built   in   Newark,   New   Jersey.   One   of only   six   Model   1857   “Napoleon”   cannons   is   on   display   with   a   replica   carriage   in the   main   gallery,   This   is   the   only   period   artillery   piece   on   museum   display   in the state. Grand Army of the Republic & Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Museum General James A. Garfield Camp 151 Eggert Crossing Road Lawrenceville, New Jersey   Visiting   Hours:   Open   to   the   public   on   Tuesday   and   Friday   mornings,   and   for   special   events   and   tours.      For   further information, including tours, call 609-530-6907 Admission Free The   museum   is   located   in   the   Lawrenceville   National   Guard   Armory.      Its   collection   of   original   artifacts,   including   an 1861   flag   of   the   3rd   Militia   Regiment,   muskets,   swords,   bayonets,   ammunition,   canteens,   accoutrements,   uniform buttons,    shoes,    prison    camp    and    battlefield    relics    and    cooking    equipment,    as    well    as    documents,    artwork, memorabilia   and   veteran   reunion   medals,   GAR   Allied   Orders   encampment   badges and   ephemera,   was   originally   assembled   by   members   of   the   New   Jersey   posts   of the   Grand   Army   of   the   Republic   (GAR),   the   Union   veterans’   organization   and   the Sons   of   Union   Veterans   of   the   Civil   War.   The   museum   also   maintains   an   extensive Civil   War   Library.   It   is   currently   administered   by   the   Sons   of   Union   Veterans,   an organization   of   descendants   of   those   who   fought   in   the   Union   army,   navy,   marine corps and revenue cutter service during the Civil War.  Camp Olden Civil War Round Table Museum The Civil War and Native American Museum John Abbott Farm 222 Kuser Road Hamilton, New Jersey Open   to   the   public   on   the   second   and   third   weekends   of   every   month,   from   1:00   pm   –   4:00   pm.     School trips by arrangement.  For further information, including school tours, call 609-585-8900 Museum store on premises Admission Free Exhibits   at   the   Camp   Olden   Museum,   co-located   with   the   Native   American   Museum,   include uniforms,   weapons,   equipment   and   material   relating   to   the   experience   of   the   common   soldier   in the   Civil   War.      The   museum   has   a   gift   shop   with   many   Civil   War   and   some   Native   American books and period related items, including CDs, videos, novelties and other interesting items. Vineland Historical Society Museum 108 South Seventh Street Vineland, New Jersey Open   to   the   public   Tuesday   through   Saturday,   1:00   pm   --   4:00   pm.   For   further   information,   call   856-691-1111.   Tours available by appointment. Admission free but donations welcomed A   Grand   Army   of   the   Republic   veterans’   organization   exhibit   is   maintained   by   the   Lyon Camp,   Sons   of   Union   Veterans   of   the   Civil   War,   in   the   Vineland   Historical   Society museum.      A   room   dedicated   to   the   Lyon   Post   #10   GAR   is   set   up   in   the   manner   of   a   19th century   GAR   meeting   hall.      The   room   contains   many   of   the   furnishings   of   the   original post   including   the   secretary’s   desk   and   bookshelf   which   still   holds   much   of   the   Lyon Post’s   original   correspondence.      The   holding   also   includes   a   number   of   the   post’s original   records   and   library,   including   its   Minute   books,   Descriptive   Book,   Personal   War Sketch   book,   New   Jersey   Department   Encampment   reports,   regimental   histories   and many   other   titles.      Also   on   display   are   a   number   of   GAR   badges   and   various   artifacts donated     by     the     post     members,     including     rifles,     backpacks,     flags,     hats     and accoutrements. Gettysburg Museum of History 219 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, PA 17325 (717) 337-2035 The   Gettysburg   Museum   of   History   is   FREE   and   a   “must   see”   for   anyone   with   an   interest   in   Gettysburg   –   or American   Military   History   and   Politics.   Curator   Erik   Dorr   has   amassed   an   impressive   collection   of   4,000   artifacts on   display   from   The   Civil   War,   World   Wars   and   Political   History   and   several   New   Jersey   Civil   War   Items   from Gettysburg    including    and    the    Lt    Edwin    R.    Good    11th    NJ    Infantry    collection    who    was    severely    wounded    at Gettysburg.
Many   museums   in   local   historical   societies   around   the   state   of   New   Jersey   have   a   few   Civil   War objects   in   their   collections   or   on   display,      but   few   are   dedicated   to   explaining   the   state’s   role   in   the Civil   War   through   specific   narratives   and   exhibits   of   significant   artifact   collections   associated   with the conflict. The following institutions are dedicated in whole or in part to those missions.
NJ State Archives NJ Civil War Flag Gallery Vineland Hist Society GAR & SUV Civil War              Museum Camp Olden Civil War   Round Table Museum National Guard Militia  Museum of NJ at Sea Girt Gettysburg Museum of History Preserve, Protect and Educate about New Jersey’s Civil War Heritage
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