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FLAGS UNVEILING Saturday, December 30, 2017 In   2010,   the   NJCWHA   was   instrumental   in   setting   up   the   Civil   War   Flags   Gallery   in   Trenton,   and   we have   assisted   in   expanding   and   improving   the   exhibits   there   since   then.   The   New   Jersey   State   House Flag   Collection   consists   of   191   flags,   132   of   which   are   Civil   War   related.   Fifty   of   these   flags   were selected   for   display   in   the   Gallery,   which   has   specially   designed   display   cases   (the   flags   are   big,   most being   6   feet   square).   Due   to   space   constraints   only   five   flags   can   be   displayed   at   a   time.   In   2010,   a program was initiated to change the flags on display every six months, in June and in late December. We   owe   many   thanks   to   State   Museum   Cultural   Curator   Nicholas Ciotola for his interest and help in showing the flags.  The    next    flags    unveiling    will    be    held    at    2pm    on    Saturday, December   30,   2017. As   he   does   at   each   unveiling,   NJCWHA   Vice President   David   Martin   will   give   a   gallery   talk   on   the   history   of   the collection and on the unique history of each flag. The   Civil   War   Flags   Gallery   has   relocated   temporarily,   and   now these    flags    can    be    viewed    right    next    door    at    the    NJ    State Museum,    Main    Building,    205    West    State    Street,    Trenton,    NJ. Ample   parking   is   available   in   the   State   House   garage,   or   at   parking meters on State Street. Flags will be on display until the next rotation in late June 2018. FLAG HISTORIES NJCWHA Vice President David Martin has been studying the state’s Civil War flags for the past twenty years and is currently preparing a definitive book on them. If you have a special interest in the flags of a special unit or would like him to speak for your historical or library group, just let him know. Pictures of all the flags are available, thanks to Joe Bilby, at the New Jersey Militia Museum website:
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New Jersey Flags on Display at the Flag Gallery
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