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About NJCWHA and Membership
New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association (NJCWHA) was founded in 1998 as a volunteer organization whose goals are to preserve and protect New Jersey’s unique Civil War heritage, and to educate all New Jerseyans about the crucial role our state played in the battle to save the Union. NJCWHA was also the parent organization of the New Jersey Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee, from 2011-2015, and recognized by the NJ Governor and both houses of the NJ Legislature to be NJ’s representative organization for the State’s 150th Civil War commemoration. During the years, NJCWHA has undertaken many NJ Civil War projects to continue with our mission and goals to preserve, protect and enhance New Jersey’s rich Civil War heritage, while concurrently fostering support, understanding and appreciation of that heritage and our purposes are exclusively, charitable, education and cultural.
Published   seven ,   New   Jersey   Civil   War   related   books ,   through our   NJ   Civil   War   150   Committee,   two   publications   were   state recognized for their contribution to New Jersey History.   Co-sponsored   the   largest   Civil   War   artifact   exhibition   seen   in New    Jersey,    in    conjunction    with    Macculloch    Hall    Historical Museum   in   Morristown,   which   contained   hundreds   of   NJ   Civil   War artifacts with an accompanying guide book to the exhibition. School   of   the   Solder,   encampments   held   yearly   since   2010,   where reenactors   demonstrate   what   military   life   and   drill   was   like,   for   one weekend, usually in mid to early June. Educational lectures throughout the state by noted NJ Authors. NJ   Civil   War   Flag   Gallery:   -   NJCWHA   brought   attention   to   the plight   of   the   NJ   Civil   War   Flags   and   assisted   in   creating   the   Flag Gallery displaying these NJ treasures to the public again. Civil    War    Voucher    Project:     Preserved    and    cataloged    over 17.600 Civil War documents in the State Archives. Newark’s   Barringer   Flag:    Restored   and   conserved   the   1st   NJ State   Militia   (3   month)   flag   which   was   the   first   NJ   Regiment   to march   into   Washington   DC   in   1861   and   reviewed   by   President Lincoln. Civil War Exhibit: Helped create the permenant Civil War display at the New Jersey National Guard Militia Museum in Sea Girt.  Regimental    Records    Project:    This    project    is    assessing    the costs    and    resources    needed    to    preserve    all    of    NJ    Civil    War regimental   records   (1860-1890),   which   document   the   history   of the   40   regiments   raised   by   New   Jersey   during   the   war.   Currently, the   first   regiment,   12th   New   Jersey   Volunteer   Infantry   complete records have been completed.
Some of NJCWHA’s Accomplishments
NJCWHA's Projects help save NJ's Civil War Heritage
NJCWHA’s specific goals include: 	Promoting the historical importance of New Jersey’s surviving Civil War records and artifacts 	Garnering support for projects to preserve and extend access to New Jersey’s Civil War records and artifacts 	Researching and developing educational and promotional materials to publicize and enhance public familiarity with New Jersey’s extensive Civil War history  	Encouraging the academic study and publication of narratives of the state and its people’s experiences in the Civil War era
Join NJCWHA’s efforts in the worthy cause of  preserving and protecting New Jersey’s rich Civil War heritage
Your membership goes toward worthy NJ Civil War Preservation projects. Membership includes a quarterly informative newsletter describing all our latest preservation projects and events, our progress, press releases and updates about the New Jersey Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee. Our Annual Meeting in March features noted Civil War authors and historians who speak on New Jersey and it's role during the Civil War. Also during the meeting NJ Civil War relics and historical artifacts are always on display and it gives members an opportunity to meet and discuss the Civil War and our many projects. We encourage all members get involved and help out this volunteer non profit organization. NJCWHA Trustee Meetings are held quarterly throughout the state, all are invited to attend. Also you will be joining the only Statewide Civil War Heritage Organization which is dedicated to preserving and protecting New Jersey's rich Civil War heritage by showing your devotion and support of the same civil war goals and objective. You can also help by giving a donation through our secure PayPal link.
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