at the Historic Allaire Village, NJ
NJ Civil War Flags on Display NJ State Museum Galleries, 225 West State Street, Trenton   Civil War Flags Unveiling Ceremony – The State Museum held its semiannual unveiling
ceremony in the Civil Flags Gallery December 28, 2016. NJCWHA Vice President David Martin will give a gallery talk on the history of the collection and on the unique history of each flag. New flags being put on display this December are from the 1st , 5th and 11th Infantry Regiments, the 3rd Cavalry, and a Confederate battle flag captured by the 7th New Jersey at the Battle of Chancellorsville. These flags will be on display until mid June 2017 
UPDATE: Next NJ Civil War Flag Rotation
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    Civil War Skirmish and Encampment
Allaire State Park, NJ June 17 & 18, 2017 Set up June 16th 
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Descriptive Panels within the Trenton Civil War Flag Gallery Established the Civil War Flag Gallery in Trenton Restored the 1st NJSM Barringer Flag 2017 MEMBER Gone for a Soldier Civil War Exhibition in Morristown
NJCWHA Fall 2016 Newsletter is now available
Fall 2016 NJCWHA Newsletter Fall 2016 NJCWHA Newsletter Fall 2016 NJCWHA Newsletter Fall 2016 NJCWHA Newsletter
Since     2010,     New     Jersey     Civil     War     Heritage     Assn     has sponsored   a   Civil   War   School   of   the   Soldier   at   Allaire   Village in   Wall,   NJ   not   only   as   an   instructional   drill   for   Civil   War                    re-enactors   but   also   to   educate   the   public   about   New   Jersey in   the   Civil   War.   This   year   along   with   the   drill,   we   will   have   a civil    war    skirmish    as    well    as    an    authentic    period    military encampment.  
This event is opened to the pubic.