NJ Civil War Flags on Display NJ State Museum Main Building, 205 West State Street, Trenton  
New Jersey contributed over 80,000 men to the Civil War and the New Jersey State Museum has over 100 flags carried by New Jersey's troops in the war in its collection. The flags on display are some of the most distinctive in the collection, and they have not been on display for several years. These flags include: 9th New Jersey Infantry National Colors 30th New Jersey Infantry National Colors 37th New Jersey Infantry Regimental Colors Clark's Battery B, most noted NJ Artillery Unit in the War 2nd New Jersey Brigade Headquarters Each flag has it's own amazing story to tell. Organized by the New Jersey State Museum and the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association, the unveiling event will feature an educational gallery walk by flag historian Dr. David Martin, author of the award-winning New Jersey at Gettysburg Guidebook. Dr. Martin is currently preparing a detailed history of the State's Civil War flags for publication. The gallery is newly installed on the first floor of the main museum building, having been moved from its former location at 225 West State Street in 2017. It also features a rotating exhibition including Civil War related photographs, sculptures and related memorabilia, prepared by Nicholas Ciotola, Curator of Cultural History at the New Jersey State Museum, with the aid of members of the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association. These flags will be shown until late June 2019, when a new group of flags will be put on display. For more information and details about these specific flags contact David G. Martin at dmartin@peddie.org
NJCWHA Annual Meeting  Saturday, March 30th - 10am National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey, Sea Girt, NJ Featuring  Author Scott Mingus  on The 2nd Day at Gettysburg & New Jersey’s Role Free and Opened to the Public Scott   Mingus    is   a   veteran   author   having   written   over   twenty   Civil   War   and   Underground   Railroad books,   including   “The   Second   Day   at   Gettysburg:   Attack   and   Defense   of   Cemetery   Ridge,   July 2nd 1863,”  coauthored with David L Schutz. His   biography   of   General   William   “Extra   Billy”   Smith   won   multiple   awards, including   the   Dr.   James   I.   Robertson,   Jr.   Literary   Prize   for   Confederate History.   He   has   also   written   several   articles   for   Gettysburg   Magazine ,   as well as for various historical journals. Scott   and   his   wife   Debi   live   in   York,   Pa.,   and   for   more   than   a   decade   he was     written     a     blog     on     the     Civil     War     history     of     York     County ( www.yorkblog.com/cannonball ).    He    received    the    2013    Heritage    Profile Award   from   the   York   County   History   Center   for   his   contributions   to   local Civil   War   history.   He   also   has   written   six   scenario   books   for   Civil   War miniature    wargaming.    His    great-great-grandfather    was    a    15-year-old drummer   and   rifleman   in   the   51st   Ohio   Infantry   in   the   Western Theater,   and other   family   members   fought   at   Antietam   and   Gettysburg   in   the   7th   West Virginia. The   venue,   the    National   Guard   Militia   Museum   of   New   Jersey’s   mission   is   to preserve   and   explain   the   military   heritage   of   New   Jersey   and   enhance   public understanding   of   how   armed   conflicts   and   military   institutions   have   shaped   our state   and   national   experience.   The   museum   collects,   preserves   and   displays artifacts,   documents   and   memorabilia   that   have   specific   historical   significance   to the   Army   National   Guard,   the   Air   National   Guard   and   the   Naval   Militia   of   New Jersey. The National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey is located on the National Guard Training Center Sea Girt Avenue & Camp Drive, Sea Girt, NJ 08750. (click link for directions)
New Jersey Civil War Heritage Assn PO Box 442, Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075 Info@njcivilwar.com
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The Actions at Rural Plains
The Battle of Totopotomoy Creek
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10th Annual Event at Allaire State Park, Farmingdale, NJ
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