flags carried by New Jersey's troops in the war in its collection. Flags served a simple purpose, it allowed commanders viewing the battlefield to identify regiments as well as a rallying point during combat. They also brought unit esprit de corp, binding the soldiers together, inspiring enthusiasm, devotion with a strong regard for their own regimental colors. All NJ regiments were provided two large flags, one which was the United States National colors and a second flag, a blue state regimental color, having an Federal eagle clutching arrows and olive branch in it's talons, on one side and usually the New Jersey State seal on the other side. All flags were cherished by their units, and vigilantly guarded by a color company within the regiment, it being a high honor to be selected as a member of this detail, as it was based on personal courage and steadiness under fire.  Five of these historic flags will be unveiled in specially designed exhibit cases in their new exhibit hall at the New Jersey State Museum, located at 205 West State Street in Trenton, at 2:00 PM on Saturday, December 30, 2017.   The flags to be unveiled are some of the most distinctive in the collection, and they have not been shown for several years: 40th New Jersey Infantry National Colors 2nd New Jersey Infantry State Regimental Colors 4th New Jersey Infantry National Colors 2nd New Jersey Cavalry Guidon A Confederate flag captured by New Jersey troops on May 3, 1863 at the battle of Chancellorsville. The CSA regiment was never identified so the flag stayed within the collection. New Jersey troops captured well over twenty Confederate flags in battle during the Civil War.  One of them will be included in this exhibit. New Jersey regiments lost six flags which were captured throughout the war. This exhibit will include two of them, from the 2nd and 4th New Jersey Infantry regiments. Those flags were captured at the battle of Gaines' Mill in 1862 and then were recovered after the Civil War.   The flagstaff of the 2nd New Jersey Cavalry, also included in this exhibit, was broken by Confederate fire at the battle of Brice's Cross Road, Mississippi, in 1864.   Each flag has its own amazing story to tell.   Organized by the New Jersey State Museum and the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association, the unveiling event will feature an educational gallery walk by flag historian Dr. David Martin, author of the award winning New Jersey at Gettysburg Guidebook. Dr. Martin is currently preparing a detailed history of the State's Civil War flags for publication.   The gallery is newly installed on the first floor of the main museum building, having been moved from its former location at 225 West State Street last summer. It also features a rotating exhibition including Civil War related photographs, sculptures and related memorabilia, prepared by Nicholas Ciotola, Curator of Cultural History at the New Jersey State Museum, with the aid of members of the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association.     For more information and details about these specific flags contact David G. Martin at dmartin@peddie.org These NJ Civil War Flags will stay on display until June 2018.  
The 7th NJ Vol Infantry Capturing one of the five Confederate Flags at Chancellorsville, Depicted in “Gone for a Soldier. the Civil War Memoirs of Private Alfred Bellard”
NJ Civil War Flags on Display NJ State Museum Main Building, 205 West State Street, Trenton New Jersey contributed over 80,000 men to the fight and the New Jersey State Museum has over 100
The    public    will    experience    a    new    type    of    Civil    War reenactment   within   a   historic   village,   following   ten   Federal regiments on their route to a date with destiny. The   Historic   Village   of Allaire   will   serve   as   the   backdrop   for the    towns    of    Hanover    Junction,    PA,    Emmitsburg,    MD, Frederick,   MD,   Taneytown,   MD   and   Fairfield,   PA,   as   the troop     make     their     way     in     pursuit     of     the     invading Confederates. Generals        Meade,        Reynolds,        Slocum,        Colonels Chamberlain   and   Sharp   as   well   as   President   Lincoln   will have   "commanding"   roles   in   interpreting   the   happenings   of late    June,    1863.    Two    Licensed    Gettysburg    Battlefield Guides will also narrate the scenarios. The   Allaire   Mansion   will   be   converted   into   Georgetown's summer   White   House   and   the   soldiers   will   enter   the   Village from   different   points   to   create   the   illusion   of   various   towns adjacent   to   the   Mason-Dixon   line.   Rebel   skirmishers   will delay   the   advancing   troops   who   will   be   pressed   into   many different lines of battle along their journey. For more information and updates, see Cross Roads to Gettysburg on Facebook, NJCivilWar.com,   http://allairevillage.org/eventbrite-event/9th-annual-civil- war-encampment/ And the NJCWHA Allaire page  
Crossroads to Gettysburg Civil War Reenactment and Living History June 2nd & 3rd - 10am - 4pm Allaire State Park - Holmdel, NJ
Civil War Evening Lantern Tour, Skirmish & Concert Evening of June 2nd, 2018, Historic Village at Allaire Tickets needed
Become a part of history and join us for this one- night only event – a THREE in one special that includes a guided lantern tour of the encampment and village, concert, and skirmish! This must see after-dark special event is like none other: Experience camp-life after dark a guided lantern tour! Feel like part of the encampment as period dressed historical interpreters lead you by lantern light through the Confederate, Union and civilian camps. Special tours of the historic homes, craft shops, bakery, and general store at Allaire. The era and mood is set with a musical concert Once the sun goes down, watch the skirmish as forces clash at the Mill Pond Bridge
Admittance with an evening event ticket ONLY. Tickets are $20 per person and advanced registration is required! Spaces are limited, so advanced ticket purchasing is required! The event begins at 7pm upon being assigned to a tour group at the Historic Row House & Village Museum (aka Visitor Center). Tours conclude with a night skirmish at the Mill Pond Bridge that will begin at approximately 8:15 pm. This highly specialized event takes about two hours to complete (7 pm to 9 pm) and is both indoor and outdoor. Seating is provided for the musical concert. For more details visit:
New Jersey Civil War Heritage Assn PO Box 442, Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075 Info@njcivilwar.com